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December 27, 2006

Grumpy Old Man? No!

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I’ve received some questions about the kind of man we want to join us in Men’s Space. I’ve even been asked if the site will be a rip off of the grumpy old men business and the answer is a definite NO!

If you’re a grumpy old man or even a dirty old man you’re welcome to join us, so long as you’re not too grumpy or too dirty. We are simply looking for men of a certain age who want to be in touch with other men.

Men’s Space is a site for men…..

If you have any concerns about what we are proposing either post a comment here or send me a private email to

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December 25, 2006

Why Men’s Space?

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On a recent trip around the country, the UK that is, my friend Tony Reid became aware of the need of the older man to be able to talk to other men. However, there don’t appear to be any men’s sites or sites for men that promote that idea.

Tony met two male friends, both in their sixties, who were just bursting to have a chat and to banter about all those things that their wives were simply not interested in.  It was almost as though they had just been released from jail. Tony, a good listener, bore the brunt of this avalanche from one old boy and then the other and then came up with this idea…………men’s space.

So John, also a good listener, whose wife keeps telling him he should get out more, agreed to build the mens space site. At present, we just have a signup page so you can register your interest. We can get into the fancy software later but right now, we’d simply like you to complete the web form…..

You’ll receive an immediate reply inviting you to tell us what you’d most like to see on the site.  We’ll think about what you have to say and we’ll make a start with the top five when we launch in January 2007…..

At the very least we’ll start with a forum that will include your top 5 and we’ll build it from there. Tele-conferencing is also a “must-have” because this site is about talking to each other. As the membership grows and people realize that they are in close proximity of other members then it is likely that you will want to arrange to meet. Perhaps a “Duffers Day Out” golf tournament, lunch, a hike across the countryside………it’s up to you…..

 So, if you are 50 + (or even if you’re not quite 50) and you’d like to be part of this new movement for men, wherever you are in the world, please complete the form and we’ll be in touch.        

If you have any questions or concerns about what we are proposing before you join, please send an email to

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